Salt Wells

Salt Wells, known earlier as Alkali Wells and Seventy-Five Mile Station, was established in the 1860s. It would operate as a station on the Wadsworth-Columbus Freight Route from 1873-1882, and later as a water stop on the Fallon-Fairview freight and stage lines starting in 1905. From 1872-1878, the American Borax Company operated a mill here as well. With the advent of automobiles, a service station and restaurant opened here along the Lincoln Highway.

Salt Wells is perhaps best known for it's brothel, the Salt Wells Villa. The Villa opened in 1975 in the former Big Top restaurant building, and operated until 2004. On July 29, 2007, a mysterious blaze destroyed the building. Today the site is occupied by an RV dump.

I Visited Salt Wells
6.23.2007, 7.21.2007 & 7.29.2007