Pershing County

Pershing County
Built 1920-21

Pershing County is Nevada's newest county, and was established March 18, 1919 from the southern half of Humboldt County. This was in response to petitioning by Lovelock residents, who believed that Humboldt County's resources were unfairly focused around Winnemucca. This escalated following a fire which destroyed the original Humboldt County courthouse on July 20, 1918. Lovelock residents persisted that any courthouse built using their tax dollars should be built in Lovelock. The case went to Legislature in 1919, and Pershing County was created with Lovelock as the seat. It owes its name to General "Blackjack" Pershing.

Stamps at Tunnel Camp

Most of Pershing County's population is located in either the immediate Lovelock area or somewhere along the Humboldt River. The Transcontinental Railroad and Victory Highway pass through the heart of the county, following roughly the route of the Emigrant Trail. Mining camps have dotted the landscape throughout the remainder of the county, although few still exist beyond a handful of scattered remains. A few large scale mines are still in operation.

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