Storey County

Storey County Courthouse
Built 1876

One of Nevada's original nine counties, Storey County was created on November 25, 1861 and named for Captain Edward Farris Storey, who was killed in 1860 during the Pyramid Lake War. Originally, the county was to be named McClellan County after General George B. McClellan, who later lost the 1864 Presidential election to Abraham Lincoln. At the time of its creation, Storey County was the most populated county in Nevada. The Comstock Lode had drawn thousands to the area in the decade prior and led to the founding of Virginia City - which was and still is the Storey County seat.

After the collapse of the Comstock Lode, Storey County suffered. Virginia City and Gold Hill, the county's only two towns, were nearly deserted. By 1960, the population had dropped to it's lowest recorded number - only 568. In more recent years, the county has grown due in part to its proximity to the Reno Metropolitan Area. Virginia City, while only a shadow of its former self, is now a National Historic Landmark District and brings more than 2 million visitors every year to Storey County.