Cherry Creek

Silver discoveries in October 1872 brought prospectors from the White Pine district to the mouth of Cherry Creek Canyon, and the next spring Cherry Creek was platted. The camp soon became the largest in White Pine County, and also the largest producer until 1875. Cherry Creek's production declined slowly from 1875 until 1880, when new veins were uncovered. The town's population soared from 639 to nearly 1800. The largest mines were the Star, Exchequer, Teacup, and Grey Eagle and no less than three mills were in operation. By 1881, several merchants and the White Pine News relocated from Hamilton, and the following year Cherry Creek unsuccessfully attempted to obtain the county seat. Production ended the following year. Small revivals have occurred over the years, and Cherry Creek has never truly been abandoned. Today a few dozen people live in town amidst several original buildings.

I Visited Cherry Creek