Fluorine was a town that sprang up during the spring of 1908 in response to fluorite discoveries. Within weeks, some forty tents were noted there, and a post office opened shortly thereafter. Initially considered part of the Bullfrog district, the Fluorine district was soon carved out as its own. In 1918, the Daisy Mine, which would become the district's largest fluorspar producer, was located by J. Irving Crowell, Sr. The mine was operated by the Continental Fluorspar Co. (with Crowell, Sr. as President), and the first shipment of 700 tons was made in 1919. A mill was built in Beatty to process the ore in 1923, which by the late 1940s was enlarged to treat three tons per hour. From the 1940s through the 60s, multiple thousand tons of ore were produced each year, and even into the 1970s the Crowell family continued to ship fluorspar ore to such companies as Geneva and Bethlehem Steel. It has been inactive for a number of years.