Mineral County

Old Mineral (and Esmeralda) County Courthouse
Erected 1883

Mineral County was established on February 10, 1911 from the northern half of Esmeralda County. Hawthorne, which had formerly served as the seat of Esmeralda County until 1907, was chosen as the county seat and the former courthouse was reused. Mineral County was named for the presence of rich minerals throughout the county.

Despite the fact that Mineral County has a prominent history of mining and has been home to dozens of mining camps, none still exist beyond a shadow of their former selves. Except for the town of Walker Lake, all of Mineral County's communities today were founded as towns along the Carson & Colorado Railroad, which ran through the center of the county. The tracks south of Hawthorne were removed in 1989, but the northern portion still serves the Hawthorne Army Depot, which was established in 1930. Modern day mining does continue in parts of the county.

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