Edwards Creek Station

A route across the Edwards Creek Valley was first discovered by Col. John Reese in 1854, and would be a shorter alternative to the Humboldt Trail. In 1859, surveyor Captain James H. Simpson established the route, and it was then that the creek and valley got their names, after a Polish assistant of his named Edward Jagiello (Simpson found his surname too difficult to pronounce).

Around April 1861, a new Pony Express station was built by Sam Davis at the mouth of Edwards Creek Canyon. Edwards Creek Station would serve not only the Pony Express, but also the Overland Mail Route, and was a noted place of conflict not only between whites and Indians, but also between quarrelsome area miners.

In more recent times, Edwards Creek Station was a part of the Whitaker Ranch. Rock walls of the station remain, and old ranch buildings sit just above.

Pony Express, 1860-61
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