Edwards Creek Station

Edwards Creek was named by Captain James H. Simpson in 1859 during a survey expedition across the Utah Territory. It was named for one of his assistants, a Polish gentleman named Mr. Edward Jagiello. Simpson found the gentleman's surname too difficult to pronounce, and instead used his given name for the creek. About April 1861, a man named Sam Davis built a new station near the mouth of Edwards Creek Canyon to serve both the Pony Express and the Central Overland Route. While not as well documented as some other stations, it is noted as being a place of much conflict with Native Americans, as well as between quarrelsome miners in the area.

In more recent times, the station site was a part of the Whitaker Ranch. Rock walls of the station remain, and old Whitaker Ranch buildings sit just above. About 1ΒΌ miles beyond that, the USGS Topo map marks the location of "Overland Mail Station (Ruins)"; while nothing was found at that location, I did find remains of a small stone building less than a quarter mile away.

Pony Express, 1860-61
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