Landmark Letters

What is a Landmark Letter?

A landmark letter is an oversized, usually white, letter located on a hillside. Typically, the letter is either the first letter of the town or high school which it represents. Nevada's first letter was created on April 13, 1913. The letter 'N' was placed at the base of Peavine Peak by students of the University of Nevada. Allegedly, it was the largest landmark letter in the country until 1925. The first letter built to represent a high school was the 'E' above Elko, built in late 1916 as a tribute to Raymond Thomas, a popular teacher who died during a snowstorm in the Ruby Mountains that October.

I'm currently aware of 55 landmark letters in the State of Nevada, but I'm sure I've missed at least one or two, so please be sure to let me know if you know any others! The map below shows their locations, followed by an alphabetical gallery of the different letters. I haven't captured them all yet, so this list will be continually updated.

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