Harmon School

The first schoolhouse to serve the Harmon District was a one-room, wooden building built 1906 about 1½ miles to the southwest of the current site on the ranch of Guy Harmon. Plagued by inundation, it was moved east to a better suited location in Fall 1908. Following increases to enrollment, a new wing was added in 1912. By 1914, attendance again outgrew the little schoolhouse, and for a short time school was held in a home nearby. A vote was made to erect a new, larger school, and a bond of $5,000 was raised for construction. Ten acres were withdrawn from the Reclamation Project for the new school, and Lone Kaiser began construction in October 1915. The new schoolhouse, with three rooms and a basement, was completed by the end of the year and formally dedicated on January 1, 1916 with school beginning the next day. In 1935, an addition was constructed to extend the assembly area.

The 1915 Harmon School continued to serve the area until 1956, when the rural schools were closed in favor of busing students into Fallon. In recent years, it has remained largely unused, though attempts have been made to convert it to a community center. It was listed on the State Register of Historic Places in 1988, followed by the National Register the following year.