Middlegate, along with Westgate and Eastgate, got its name from James Simpson in 1850. Simpson was commissioned by the government to survey a route across the rugged West. In 1859, the Overland Stage & Freight Company established Middlegate Station. The station was also used by the Pony Express for its entire 18 month run. Middlegate Station continued to serve as a stage and freight station until the advent of the automobile. The Lincoln Highway was also constructed nearby in 1913.

As Middlegate Station fell into disuse, area ranchers and miners salvaged many of the blocks used in its construction. In 1942, however, Ida Ferguson purchased the station in a BLM auction and began to restore it. Ten years later, she opened a bar, cafe, and gas station and business boomed due to the proximity to the Lincoln Highway. In 1962, the highway was re-routed and her business suffered. Ferguson soon sold Middlegate Station and retired. The station passed through many hands, lack of electricity and telephone proving to be difficult. In 1984, the station was purchased by Russ and Fredda Stevenson, who once again restored it, and continue to operate a bar, cafe, motel and gas station today.

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