Willowtown & Northam

Willowtown - Willowtown, also known as The Willows, was an early settlement along the Carson River. Established in 1854 by Thomas Pitt, it was named for the willows that grow in the area. It never maintained a post office.

Northam - Northam was a small ranching settlement along the Carson River. A post office operated from October 28, 1908 until October 15, 1928, and a small school opened in 1914. While the name Northam has been forgotten, ranches are still in operation in the area and the foundation of the Northam School still stands in a field amid a group of trees. Less than a half mile upstream is Carson Diversion Dam, which was completed in September 1905 as a part of the Newlands Irrigation Project.

The wooden structures that I have pictures of are in the general vicinity of both Willowtown and Northam, but are likely closer in age to Northam. The bridge (now gone) was moved here in 1933 by George Frey, and originally served as a bridge on the Lincoln Highway crossing the Truckee Canal at Lahontan City.