Summit King Mine

The Dan Tucker mine was originally located in 1905 by C.W. Kinney. Very little work was done until 1912 when a 100-foot shaft was sunk by Kinney and Leslie L. Leonard. In 1919, the first production was made by lessees and amounted to three carloads of ore ($215-$300 per ton). In 1925, the Dan Tucker Mining Co. was created, and in 1927 a small amalgamation mill was erected at Sand Springs, about 3 miles to the west. Approximately 1,000 tons of gold-silver ore was treated at this mill.

Minor work would continue at the site until 1939, when its best claims were acquired by the Bralorne Mining Company and the Summit King Mines were organized. A 50-ton cyanide plant was constructed at the site which began operation in January 1940, and major development soon followed. Production would increase until 1942 when the mine was closed as a result of World War II. In 1948, work would continue until 1951 when the mine would finally close due to lack of ore.