Argentena Mill

Though zinc and lead ore were first discovered here by A.S. Campbell and A.E. Thomas in 1887, most work wasn't begun until 1926 when the property was taken over by Fred Piehl and the first car of lead ore was shipped. In 1927, Piehl organized the Argentena Mining Company (which soon reorganized as the Argentena Consolidated Mining Company) and a 60-ton flotation-gravity mill was constructed; a 2,800 foot aerial tramway with nineteen buckets connected the mill to the mine, and was capable of transporting 25 tons of ore per hour. Overall, the mine and mill proved to be a failure and operated only intermittently from 1931 until 1942. The mine was reopened in 1943, and ore was shipped to the Metals Reserve Company stockpile in Jean until June 1944. Ore was then shipped to the International Smelting & Refining Company's smelter in Salt Lake City until the mine closed permanently in July 1946.