Overton was first established in 1869, one of a few settlements to arise when Mormon pioneers first settled the Muddy River (Moapa) Valley. At that time, it was located east of the present site on a bluff. Initially, it was believed to be part of Pah Ute County, Arizona Territory, but following a boundary survey in 1870 it was determined that Overton was in fact in Nevada. After the state demanded back taxes for the previous years, the Mormons abandoned the Muddy River Valley in 1871.

After 1880, Mormons returned to the valley and the present site of Overton was settled. At that time, Overton was home to the only store in the valley, and so developed as the defacto business center. In 1912, the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad built a branch line to St. Thomas, and Overton became a station. Its importance grew in the 1930s, when the construction of Hoover Dam forced the abandonment of larger St. Thomas to the south. Many families relocated to Overton, which has since become the most prominent community in the valley. Today it, along with Logandale to the north, is now part of the larger township of Moapa Valley, which has an overall population of over 6,000.

St. Thomas Branch
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