Currie Hotel

Originally at this site, Bellinger's Spring was a freight and stage stop between Toano and Cherry Creek. In 1885, however, Joseph H. Currie began a ranch at this location. Later discoveries of copper in White Pine County prompted railroad construction from Ely to the Southern Pacific main-line. The new town at the main-line was named Cobre. Currie was chosen as the mid-way station. On May 22, 1906, the first passenger train ran from Cobre to Currie. In 1908, a one-room schoolhouse was built (which was later expanded in 1910). On March 30, 1908, Earl and Leona Reynolds began a telegraph office and railroad agency station. After they moved from the depot building, they opened a general store. Once automobiles became popular, road and bus travel became more popular than railroad travel. On July 31, 1941, the Northern Nevada Railroad discontinued passenger service. From 1906 to 1941, an estimated 4.6 million passengers passed through Currie. The railroad continued to run until June 20, 1983 when the copper smelters in McGill shut down. The railroad closed the next day.

Nevada Northern Railway
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