In 1869, a sidetrack station with telegraph was established on the Central Pacific Railroad. Deeth, named for a store owner in the area, would soon become a central shipping point for Starr and Ruby Valleys, Charleston, and Jarbidge. On November 2, 1875, the post office began operation. By 1895, Deeth had 2 large general stores, 2 hotels, a dance hall, 5 saloons, an opera house, a slaughter house, red light district, creamery, school, newspaper, garage, blacksmith shop, livery stable, jail and 42 homes.

The town continued to flourish until a fire leveled most of the town in 1915, and with the advent of the automobile, this railroad community never really recovered. Today, a small population still calls Deeth home, and it still retains its post office.

Central Pacific Railroad
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