Fort Halleck

Camp Halleck was established July 26, 1867 by Captain S.P. Smith of the U.S. Army to protect the California Trail and Central Pacific construction workers. It was named for Major General Henry Wager Halleck. Some 200 soldiers constructed the camp, initially consisting of adobe bricks. Later buildings, including a hospital, were built of wood. In May 1868, Camp Halleck became the headquarters for the Nevada Military District following the abandonment of Fort Churchill.

On April 5, 1879, Camp Halleck officially became Fort Halleck, and a nine square mile military reservation was set aside October 11, 1881. It was a two-company post, one infantry and one cavalry, and primarily served as a base for explorations. The troops at Fort Halleck did not get involved with local Indian disputes, but were deployed against uprisings in Northern California, Idaho, Oregon, and Arizona. The fort was abandoned December 1, 1886, but the post office held on until 1907 - presumably to serve ranches in the area. Little remains of the fort, save for a cemetery on private property. Amid a nearby stand of aspen trees lies a large foundation, which may have been the Success School as late as the mid-Twentieth Century.

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