"The Little Church of the Crossroads"

Lamoille was first settled in 1865 by Thomas Waterman and named for his native Lamoille County, Vermont. Other homesteaders followed and in 1869, John Walker built a store, saloon, blacksmith shop, and the Cottonwood Hotel. By 1880, Lamoille Valley was home to just over 200, and was served by the Lamoille, Pleasant Valley, and Elko Stage. The first frame house in town was built in 1884, and a cemetery was dedicated on land donated by Thomas Cahill. Lamoille has since developed into a picturesque, secluded community. Today Lamoille is a popular spot for tourists, particularly during the warmer months when visiting Lamoille Canyon, as well as the winter months when heli-skiing is a popular pastime in the nearby Ruby Mountains.