Quinn River CCC Camp

Camp Quinn River was a main camp established as part of the Civilian Conservation Corps, lasting from 1938 until 1941. While little of the camp itself or its projects have been located, Camp Quinn River is noted as having had a six-hole golf course for enrollees to use for recreation.

A (Very) Brief Overview of the CCC - The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a program of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's 'New Deal', initiated in April 1933 in an effort to help the nation recover following the Great Depression. Camps were established where young men (aged 17-26) who enrolled worked on public projects earning a salary of $1 per day. By 1942, demand for men and materials due to World War II led to the termination of the program. During the program's existence, 3 million men were employed at 4000 CCC camps throughout the states, territories, and Puerto Rico. Fifty-four of these camps were located in Nevada.