Buzanes Camp

John P. Buzanes (or Buzanne), a Greek, came to Nevada from Cripple Creek, Colorado where he had been a successful miner. He settled at a small camp south of Campbell Creek sometime around 1915 and after mining slowed in the area, began building a herd of cattle (probably by questionable means).

In 1926, Buzanes discovered gold ore that assayed $17.20 per ton. The Magna Gold Mines Company of Magna, Utah sank a 200-foot shaft with around 2,000 feet of lateral workings. A small camp of five buildings was built and a small Straub-type stamp mill began operation in April 1928. In 1929, the value of ore dropped and the company no longer made a profit, folding by 1930. Only Buzanes would remain (later joined by his nephew George from New York City). He lived the rest of his days at his camp before passing in bed during March 1946, at 81 years old.