There appears to be very little documentation about the site of Richmond, but it does appear on an 1863 map of the Reese River District. Apparently, the first silver brick in the district was produced May 28, 1863 from the Tesora or Tesoro claim there, which was worked by Mexicans and processed at an arrastra nearby.

In 1914, the Austin-Dakota Development Company began developing the OK Mine just to the west of old Richmond, and for the next years worked several claims in the area including the X-Ray and Dalton (adjacent to the old Tesora claim). On August 15, 1917, a boiler explosion at the Dalton took the lives of Louis C. Dyer and Fred Burchfield, after which operations there ceased. Apparently the Austin-Dakota Company ended all operations around 1920, and the area seems to have been idle since.

Reese River District