Dr. Hoyt Gravesite

Dr. John Schuyler Hoyt's grave is located on a rise near the southern end of Pahranagat Valley. He died in Delamar from complications of Bright's disease, which affected the kidneys. His obituary appeared in the Delamar Lode on February 4, 1895:

Dr. John S. Hoyt died at 11 o'clock Friday afternoon. Dr. Hoyt was born at Addison, Stuben county, New York, February 8, 1836. He was a government surveyor for several years. Dr. Hoyt was a learned man and a medical graduate, having graduated from the Cincinnati Medical Institute, his first preceptor being Dr. W.C. Scott. He practiced medicine in the Eastern States for several years. His illness dates back to 1893, from which he has been a constant surgeon till his demise. The cause of his death was Bright's disease and consumption. Dr. Hoyt was a typical gentleman and has been known in this section for a number of years, although his residence here has not been continuous. He was a man of very pleasant disposition and address, withal, a man who made many friends wherever he went. The taking away of such a man has cast a deep gloom over the community, evincing the regard in which he was held, and teaching again the lesson of the uncertainty of life. Dr. Hoyt leaves four children and a beloved and devoted wife to mourn his loss. The children are living in Colorado and are William H. Hoyt, Edward Hoyt, James A. Hoyt and Mrs. Emma R. Grover. He was a cousin to Senator John Sherman and General W. T. Sherman. At 2 o'clock pm, on Saturday, the remains, followed by a large cortege, were taken to the lower end of town where the last rites were said over the deceased. The funeral services were conducted by Dr. A. Bjornman. The services were very appropriate and impressive, many friends being moved to tears. The Lode sympathizes with the wife and children. Nebraska, Colorado and Utah papers please make note.