Kershaw was an early ranching settlement, named for Samuel and Hannah Kershaw, who arrived in 1873. A post office was established in 1892. By the turn of the century, a pump station was erected to supply water from Meadow Valley Wash to Delamar, a distance of twelve miles and with an elevation gain of 1500 feet, aided by three booster stations. In 1904, the Kershaws sold their holdings to James and Patrick Ryan, and at the end of the year their name was removed from the post office.

Between 1903 and 1905, the Union Pacific Railroad was constructed through Rainbow Canyon and in 1903, a new power plant was constructed to provide power to Delamar. The plant and associated siding were called 'Stine' after Marcus Stine, vice-president of the International Pump Corporation and a big investor at Delamar. By the end of 1909, the power plant and pump station were dismantled and in 1949 Stine was abandoned. The former Kershaw property is now Kershaw-Ryan State Park, established in 1935.

Union Pacific Railroad
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