1907 Promotion

Belleview, sometimes spelled Bellview or Bell View, was a promotional townsite that came into being mid-1906. It's name came from Jack Bell, manager of the Jack Bell Mining Company, which was working there. The townsite was evidently laid out with plans for an artesian well. Beginning in December, newspapers began printing ads for lots in the new town, sold by either the Kidd West Mining & Development Co. or the Smith Valley Investment Co. (depending on the paper), with H.E. West as president and C.M. Kidd as secretary. Belleview was described as bounded by the Mickey Pass road on the north and the Ludwig road on the west.

About a month later, a notice was printed in local papers by William P. Delaney and C.J. Carr, alleging that West & associates held no legal claim to the ground they were advertising for sale. It seems that this was the death knell for Belleview, and aside from the attempted organization of a new "Bellview Mining District" in March 1907, little further mention of the town was found (though it did appear on a state map printed by the Clason Map Company in 1907). A drone survey of the area southeast of the Mickey Pass and Ludwig roads didn't even produce a rusted can, so presumably the venture never came to fruition.