Buckland's Station (Weeks)

When Churchill County was created in 1861, Buckland's Station became the county seat. At the same time, it was also the county seat of Lyon County (to whom it was tied for judicial and revenue purposes).

Samuel Buckland, a cattle rancher, moved to the area in 1857 from California. He built a toll bridge, stage station, and tent hotel. In 1860, a small log cabin was constructed at the site. Until Fort Churchill was completed, Buckland's was used as a Pony Express station. In 1864, Buckland opened a store here. When Fort Churchill closed in 1869, Samuel Buckland bought some of its building material and built the impressive frame house at the site today. Buckland died on December 28, 1884 at 58 years old. He and his family are buried at the Fort Churchill Cemetery.

In the late 1880s, a post office known as Marshland operated in the area, and when the Southern Pacific built its new branch connecting Hazen to the old Carson & Colorado line, a station called Weeks was established. The Weeks post office closed in 1945, and not much remains. Buckland's impressive house still stands along US-95A, and is now a part of Fort Churchill State Historic Park.

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