Initially intended to be named Smithvale, Hudson appeared in 1911 with the construction of the Nevada Copper Belt Railroad as the railhead for Smith Valley. In 1913, auto and freight routes connected Hudson to Aurora, Bodie, and other southerly mining camps. Hudson peaked at about fifty before a decrease in mining and passenger service led to its decline. In the 1920s, bootleggers and cattle rustlers frequented the little town, but business continued to decline. The railroad from Hudson to Ludwig discontinued operation in 1933 and was formally abandoned in 1942. The post office held on until 1943, and on March 24, 1947 the NCB saw its final train. The old railroad Railroad depot was moved across Smith Valley to serve as a private residence, and what little remains at Hudson today is on the grounds of the Walker River Resort. Permission should be obtained prior to exploring. Special thanks to Leia who allowed NVTami and I to visit and photograph the site.

Nevada Copper Belt Railroad
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