Kinkaid (also spelled Kincaid or Kinkead) was established as a siding and water stop on the Carson & Colorado Railroad in 1882. Mining in the surrounding Fitting district by the Nevada Ore and Copper Company in the 1910s prompted construction of a 50-ton cyanide mill at Kinkaid, built sometime between April 1916 and 1923. In 1926, the Company was reorganized and became the Fick Mining Company, controlled by H.J. Fick. In 1936, the mill was rehabbed by J.R. Parker and associates to retreat the tailings nearby. In later years, the location may have been used for barite crushing and screening.

Because Kinkaid sits on private property, the closest I've been able to get for pictures is from US-95 at about 75mph, so please excuse the lower quality of these ones.

Carson & Colorado Railroad
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