Sully's Tourist Camp

Newspaper Clipping

In 1931 or 1937 (the newspaper article at right is unclear), C.E. 'Sully' Sullivan of Hawthorne began building a tourist camp along Nevada Highway 3 (later US-95) where the new highway to Mt. Montgomery was expected to be constructed. His plans included a rock rest room - half completed at the time - and eight bungalows. A problem of locating water was addressed with the placement of a pump over a natural well. Sully's plans called for the camp to be an "Oasis in the desert" and to have a grand housewarming party upon completion. Aside from the newspaper clipping at right, I have found no other information on Sully's camp; how long it lasted, or whether or not it as ever even completed. If you have any more information, I'd love to hear it!

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