Gold ore was discovered at the Bull Moose mine above Carrara as early as 1905. It didn't see much activity, however, until 1928, by which time it was renamed the Gold Ace. The next year, the Arista mine was located just to the north. Early in 1929, the Gold Ace Mining Company - which held the principal mine - employed 50 and had a 200-ton mill; meanwhile the Arista Mining Company employed 18 and a few other smaller companies were active. Soon the townsite of Arista was laid out and Townsite Day was celebrated on June 23, 1929. Many lots failed to sell, however, and determining that the mines lacked worth, many moved on before the end of the year.

New strikes early in 1930 brought new interest to Arista, but it wasn't until summer 1931 that the Beatty Gold Mines & Milling Company took over and renamed the old camp Hollywood, as much financial backing came from that city. The camp had an office, store, boardinghouse, and nine homes, and the following summer construction began on a fifty-ton flotation mill at Carrara. By the end of 1932, the company was experiencing financial hardships and was taken over by the Gibraltar Gold Mines Company, who oversaw the completion of the mill in January 1933. It operated until 1936, when the property was bought by the Mark Requa Estate (which held a lien), after which the mines fell silent.