In July 1906 ore was found near here and the camp of Stratford was formed as a suburb of Phonolite. Three weeks later the camp of Duluth was formed, and Stratford would be absorbed by October. The Duluth post office opened on April 27, 1907 and the weekly Duluth Tribune began publication.

By the end of 1907, interest in Duluth diminished. The post office closed December 14, and the Tribune ceased publication. By early 1908, the locale was empty.

The area would lie dormant until 1915 when the Kansas City Nevada Consolidated Mines Company was created (see Phonolite). In 1916 the company bought a group of claims at the Duluth site, which were worked until 1924 when the company folded. The claims were again worked by the Golden Eagle Milling and Mining Company from 1925 until 1929.

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