Charles Scheel established a ranch in the central Big Smokey Valley in 1873, which he operated until his death twenty years later. In 1896 it was taken over by Albion Bradbury Millett, who previously owned the Twin River Ranch and married Scheel's widow, Christina. Millett was an active figure in mining and politics, even serving as state senator.

After discoveries were made at Manhattan and Round Mountain in 1905, followed by those in the Toiyabe Range the next year, a new townsite was laid out adjacent to the ranch. It soon gained a post office, general store, saloons, blacksmith shop, wagon repair, and the two-story Lakeview Hotel. Another hotel, the Smoky Valley, was completed in 1909. At its peak, the area was home to around 300 and even had telephone service.

As mining soon languished, however, so did Millett. The population plummeted to fifty by 1911, and in 1923 the Milletts finally sold the ranch. The post office held on until 1930 in the old general store before finally closing itself. The ranch is still active, and some buildings remain including the original Scheel ranch house. Closer to the highway, two other ruins remain, though their origin is unknown to me.