Tonopah Historic Mining Park

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The Tonopah Historic Mining Park is located on some of the original claims staked by Jim & Belle Butler in 1900 (when Tonopah first came into being). In 1901, those claims were sold to the Tonopah Mining Company. The Tonopah Mining Company worked these claims until 1930, and then leased them until 1948 when they were permanently shut down; the Company went bankrupt soon after. In 1968, the claims were owned by Howard Hughes and the Hughes Tool Company, and after passing through several hands ended up being owned by the Town of Tonopah in 1993. Today the mining park offers several trails and an in-depth look at some of Tonopah's earliest and most profitable mines.

TonopahMines & Mills
Tonopah Historic Mining Park
Tonopah Army Air Field

Tonopah & Goldfield Railroad
TonopahMizpah Mine

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