During the 1840s and 50s, Big Meadows was an important stopping point for travelers, providing water before crossing the Forty Mile Desert. In 1861, a small station and settlement were started by James Blake, which he later sold to George Lovelock. In 1868, the Central Pacific Railroad arrived, and Mr. Lovelock donated 80 acres of land for the establishment of a railroad station and townsite bearing his name. Lovelocks, as the town was first known, quickly became an agricultural and livestock hub, as well as an important shipping point for mines in the region. By 1900, over 1000 people lived in Lovelock and the town had a thriving business district, two churches, and a school.

Main Street

In 1919, residents of Lovelock petitioned to separate from Humboldt County, believing that resources were unfairly centered on the county seat of Winnemucca. As a result, Pershing County was created with Lovelock as the county seat. In 1920, the population peaked at over 2800, and the following year a handsome new round courthouse was completed to serve the new county. In 1921 Lovelock was reached by the Victory Highway, the first paved highway in Nevada (later Highway 40).

In subsequent years, Lovelock has maintained its status as an agricultural community. It's location on Highway 40, later Interstate 80, has made it a popular stop for travelers over the years. Today, a few historic buildings remain along Main Street and Cornell Avenue (old Highway 40), though a few were destroyed by fire on November 18, 2019.

Central Pacific Railroad
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