Jamison's Station

According to some sources, Jamison's (or Jameson's) Station was the earliest permanent settlement in the Truckee Meadows. Established in 1852 by a Mormon trader named Mr. Jamison, the station was located somewhere along the Truckee River; an excellent location to sell provisions and supplies to emigrants traveling west, as well as trade exhausted cattle for healthy, rested stock. Little else is known, including when it was abandoned.

The location (and even existence) of Jamison's as a permanent settlement has been questioned, as emigrant diaries from 1852-57 fail to mention it. According to some, Jamison's was located where Glendale would exist after 1857, and others state that Glendale was in fact the earliest permanent settlement in the Meadows. It is possible, too, that Jamison's never existed as more than a tent establishment.

Today, the site generally regarded as "Jamison's Station" consists of the ruins of two stone buildings at the base of the Virginia Range, against the river. Here is where Trails West has a marker reading Jameson's Station. Emigrant Trading Post. Site of first Settlement in Truckee Meadows.-1852. While it is not known for certain the origin of these ruins, they seem to appear on survey maps from 1863 and 1882 as "J. Guery's House". More than likely, they date to the early 1860s, and Jamison's Station was never really more than a temporary trading post - probably in the vicinity of Glendale.