Silver-lead ore was discovered in the Granite Range early in the 20th century, and in 1905 the Tohoqua claims were located. John Harnon, who organized the Tohoqua Mining Company, began extensive work in 1909 and by 1911 completed work on a 50-ton concentrator. The Tohoqua Co. worked the mine until 1918, at which time it went into receivership due to financial problems.

In 1920, the Tohoqua property was overtaken by A.A. Codd, who organized the Leadville Mining Company. The concentrator was remodeled with a flotation plant added, and in 1921 some $153,000 was produced. Peak production occurred through 1925, when the Company's gross production exceeded $1.15 million. Unfortunately, the mill was lost to fire that year and not rebuilt. Leasers continued to ship high-grade ore from the mine for another three years before it too was closed due to fire. Only a small amount was later produced from 1938-41, but Leadville has otherwise remained idle.