Mogul was established as a non-agency station on the Southern Pacific Railroad. It may have taken its name from a common nickname for 2-6-0 locomotives. Today, the Mogul name is still applied to the area, though today it refers to modern housing developments.

The most notable remnant of old Mogul is the stone house of the old Avansino Ranch. The ranch initially dates to 1869, when 160 acres were purchased by Uriah D. Mastin, owner of a hotel and shop in Crystal Peak. The ranch was later purchased by Lazzaro Avansino, who presumably built the stone home (according to Washoe County records, the home was built in 1907). Originally a single story home, the second story was added later. The ranch later belonged to the Carcione family, and was acquired by Washoe County in 2015 as part of the Truckee River Greenbelt and Regional Open Space Program. The ranch house has been identified as an important historical resource, and at the time of its acquisition plans were mentioned regarding its preservation.

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