Kimberly & Veteran

Kimberly - Although the copper discoveries on Pilot Knob were the first in the district, developments never occured until the Giroux Mining Company began work there in May 1900. In 1903, the company town of Kimberly was created, named for Peter L. Kimberly, who had helped finance the Giroux Co.

Kimberly's post office opened on July 24, 1905. The town became home to a general store and boarding house, and in September 1906 the Nevada Northern Railway reached town. By 1910, there was even a newspaper - the Kimberly News. In 1914, the Giroux holdings were acquired by the Consolidated Copper Company. By the mid 1920's, the camp had a population of about 500, a school and a hospital. The Depression slowed developments in the 1930s, and in 1958 the mine was acquired by the Kennecott Copper Corporation. The post office closed on December 31, 1958. Extensive development since then has wiped the town of Kimberly off the map; tailings cover the site.

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