Ore was discovered in the Piermont district on July 5, 1869, but no production occured for another year. In May 1871, the Piermont Mining and Milling Company started up a 10-stamp mill and a rush began. By 1872, nearly 400 lived at Piermont and $20,000 was produced in the first months of that year. By the following year, the rush came to an end and in spring 1873 the mill and mine closed. In June, the mill was sold and moved to Mineral City.

Only minor leasing occurred, intermittently, until the early 1910s when the Glendale Mining Company was organized. In 1920, that company was renamed the Piermont Mines Company and real work began. The Cocomongo Mill, from Egan Canyon, was moved to Piermont in 1922, and reduced ore was shipped to the Nevada Northern Railway at Ray. In 1924, the property was leased by the Ely-Calumet Leasing Company, who built a diesel plant and new mill, and new homes in addition to renovating bunkhouses, a boarding house, and a cabin from the earlier days. Around this time, the Aurum post office (which floated around the area for a number of years) was located at Piermont. Over 100 men worked at the mine and mill, which were connected by electric locomotives. Mining continued until 1930, and only intermittently thereafter before completely ending in 1936. Total production for Piermont is estimated at more than $2.5 million.