Tamberlane (also Tamberlaine or Tamerlane) was initially located by Joseph "Tamberlane Joe" Thompson on April 25, 1869. Only a few prospectors made their home there before 1873, when a new discovery brought about forty others. Soon a small townsite was laid out, and some frame buildings including a store and saloon were erected. Ore was shipped to Robinson Canyon for milling, and Tamberlane lasted until the late 1890s.

In 1907, Tamberlane experienced a revival when Ceasar Caviglia discovered manganese ore. This revival lasted until 1930, with nearly $200,000 worth of manganese removed from the ground. Again Tamberlane was abandoned, until 1951 when a new mill was built. This mill employed forty-five workers and lasted until 1959, when Tamberlane fell silent for the final time. Total production for the area is around $400,000.