Fourmile Canyon

1882 Wheeler Map

Fourmile Canyon was traversed as part of the Wadsworth-Columbus Freight Route from 1873 until 1882. A list of station published by Columbus' Borax Miner in 1875 states that there were no stations in the canyon, though Cox Station appeared near the canyon's mouth on a map from 1882. Cox Station is poorly documented. Obermayr claims that it was in the same location as Wightman Well. A single rock foundation remains near the canyon's mouth, which too may have been the station, or it may have been at another location entirely.

By 1908, Cox Station was absent from maps, but another station appeared farther up the canyon. Labelled simply as "Station", it was probably a stop on the road from Fallon to Rawhide during the early part of the 20th century. Of this station, a can dump remains.

Finally, at the head of the canyon, Obermayr lists yet another station: Summit. A modern corral stands at the site, and I've found no other mention of it as a station.

Wadsworth-Columbus Freight Route, 1873-1882
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