Frenchman's Station was established in 1904 as a stage stop and relay point for freight teams traveling to and from Fallon and the mines at Fairview and Wonder. It was established by Aime "Frenchy" Bermond, hence the name. He came to Nevada from France in 1899.

In the early days, water had to be hauled to Frenchman's Station from Lucky Boy Springs, about 12 miles away. Frenchy paid freighters to deliver the water, and a sign proudly stood at the holding tank that read: "If you don't want to pay for this water, leave it alone."

Throughout the next years, Frenchman's was a popular station for miners, travelers and teamsters. Frenchy operated a hotel and restaurant at the site, and opened a gas station when automobiles became popular. There was also the possibility that he may have been involved with marketing liquor during prohibition. A post office, Bermond, even operated here from November 24, 1920 until May 31, 1926.

Frenchy died in 1926, but his station remained open until 1985, although it had many owners. In 1985, the property was acquired by the US Navy, and it was demolished in 1987. Only a wide spot in the road remains.