The first silver-gold discoveries in this district were made by Thomas L. Stroud in early 1906 (see Jack Pot Mine) and by May the rush from Fairview was on. Over 1,000 locations were made within a few weeks. Among these was the Nevada Wonder mine, located by Murray Scott, William Mays, and a few others, and the town of Wonder was born. An electric transmission line - the longest in the world at the time - was built from Bishop, California and in 1910 a water pipeline was laid from Horse Creek 10 miles to the north.

The most prominent mining company was the Nevada Wonder Mining Co., created on September 19, 1906. After being bought out by eastern capitalists, the Company built a 200-ton cyanide mill in 1913. The mill continued to operate profitably until the Company ceased operation in December 1919. Total revenue amounted to $1,549,002. In 1924, the mill was dismantled and the transmission line to Bishop removed. Small amounts of work continued on the Nevada Wonder mine until June 30, 1942 when they were shut down by Executive Order L-208.

Wonder District