St. Clair Station

Saint Clair Station was established in 1862 by James St. Clair and J. J. McClellan along the north side of Old River. A survey in 1864 showed corrals and a hotel located on 475 acres, and that year permission to build a toll bridge was granted to St. Clair and McClellan, and by law no other bridge could be built within a half-mile. A post office opened at St. Clair Station on April 13, 1865, which would last until November 30, 1869. In 1866, the ranch was sold to William Hill, and again in 1873 to Henry Theelan. Sometime before 1868, a sawmill was constructed just south of the bridge. St. Clair Station would also lend its name to the agricultural community that developed nearby.

Today, nothing discernable remains of the original station and a recent housing development has swallowed the site. The area was later home to the Johnson Ranch, which was converted to a housing tract during the later part of the 20th century. That ranch's small cemetery still remains, in a protected area that also serves as a park.

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