Valmy was established as a siding and settlement on the Southern Pacific Railroad about September 1901. In 1915, the post office was relocated here from nearby Stone House, and in 1921 the Victory Highway was routed through. In 1931, Eugene "Gene" DiGrazia opened the Valmy Auto Court along the highway, consisting of a gas staion, general store, bus depot, and auto court. Gene also oversaw the Valmy Water Company, which derived water from an old Central Pacific Railroad water tank. In 1943, electricity reached Valmy, followed soon by telephone. At some point, a restaurant called Gene's Golden Grill and the Golden Motel also opened to serve travelers.

Gene died in 1990, but a service station at Valmy continues to operate. The only building remaining from the earlier days is the shuttered Golden Motel, complete with its original neon sign.

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