Gold Park

Ore was first discovered in the Gold Park Basin in 1864 by Thomas Barnes. By the following year, numerous mines opened and the North Union District was formed. Due to low ore value, most work ended by 1867. The district was reorganized in 1878, and became known as the Jackson District and three principal mines were in operation; the Arctic, San Francisco, and North Star. In 1880, more prospectors arrived in the area (led by Frank Bradley) and a 10-stamp mill was completed in Fall 1881, but it proved unsuccessful. By 1883, only a few prospectors remained in Gold Park Basin.

In 1893, the Nevada Mining Company purchased three large claims and the mill, and in 1896 the Company erected a new mill. In 1898, the Company sold its property to the Gold Park Mining Company and in 1919 operation ended.

In 1919, the Star of the West Mining Company was organized in Delaware by Robert S. Todd and by 1921 owned fifteen claims and three mills in the Gold Park Basin. That year, a new 50-ton amalgamation and concentration mill was completed, although activity ended shortly thereafter when ore quality was reduced. With the exception of work done by Albin Nelson from 1939-1942, the district has remained dormant since.