Comet Mine

Though the Comet District was discovered in 1882, the Comet Mine wasn't relocated until 1906. In January 1913, the Silver Comet Mining Company was incorporated and that year additional claims were staked. A 50-ton mill with a magnetic tungsten separator was completed in 1915, driven by an 80-horsepower gasoline engine. Sometime around then, the Tungsten Comet Mining Company took over the operation, and during World War I some tungsten concentrates were produced but not sold. In 1938, the mine was purchased by David Gemmill. Gemmill leased the Comet to Owen Walker until 1942, and Walker shipped 80 tons of ore to the mill at Minerva in White Pine County - unfortunately, the ore was too complex for the Minerva mill. Gemmill remodeled the mill in 1943, and the Comet Mine produced silver, lead, gold, zinc, and tungsten until 1950.

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