Comet Mining District

The Comet District (sometimes considered part of the Highland or Pioche districts) was discovered in 1882, but no work was done until 1895. Silver-lead ore, with smaller amounts of copper and gold, were shipped by wagon to Utah from 1895-98 and again from 1913-20. Most of this production was from the Schodde Mine during World War I. Additional claims were staked, including the Comet in 1906, though there was little development until the 1920s. The Stella Mine Co. increased production in 1922, and was taken over by the Pan American Mining Co. in 1927. In 1934, the Pan American Co. and Forlorn Hope Mining Co. were consolidated to form the Comet Coalition Mines Co., which owned most of the properties in the district. In 1947, the Combined Metals Reduction Co. began a lease on the Comet Coalition Co.'s holdings, but most production ended in 1952 with the exception of the Pan American Mine, which lasted until 1978. Total production for the district until 1952 is recorded at $764,100.

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