Pine Grove

In June 1866, a prospector named William Wilson was led by an Indian to gold. A rush to the area quickly ensued, and a camp first called "Wilsonville," then "Pine Grove," sprang into existence. Within two years, Pine Grove had a post office, a weekly newspaper, and 200 residents. Two stamp mills and three arrastras treated both gold and silver, and freight lines transported ore and supplies to and from Sacramento.

By the early 1870s, Pine Grove reached its peak with a population of 600. Three sections of the camp stretched for a mile of the canyon's length, with numerous businesses including five saloons, three hotels, stores and an array of shops and services. In 1882, two mills were enlarged, but a decrease in ore coupled with the Panic of 1893 led to Pine Grove's ultimate decline. Brief revivals prior to 1918 brought Pine Grove's production to roughly $8 million, and much remains to explore today.

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