Borus was a siding and station on Southern Pacific's Nevada & California Railroad (whether or not it was established before 1900 along the Carson & Colorado has not been determined). In 1910, it became the location of a new quartz mill built by the Del Monte Mining & Smelting Company. The mill, a two-unit Lane Slow Speed Chilean mill, was capable of treating 50 tons of ore from the Company's Lottie (Lotta) mine on the north side of Mabel Mountain. In late 1915, the mill was taken over by the Atkins-Kroll Co., who converted it into a concentration plant to treat tungsten ore from their properties at Silver Dyke, from which it produced 30-35 tons per day. By April, an estimated $300,000 was produced. It wasn't long before the Company erected a new 50-ton plant at Sodaville, however, and Borus was presumably deserted thereafter.

Nevada & California Railroad
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