(Deep Wells)

Prior to the arrival of the Carson & Colorado Railway, Deep Wells was a stage station on the Wadsworth-Columbus Freight Route, with stages also running to Grantsville, Downeyville, and Belmont. In 1881, when the railroad was constructed, Deep Wells was renamed Luning after one of its bondholders and a station and town were established to serve silver mines in the Santa Fe district to the east. This mining activity ended in 1894, but in 1900 new copper discoveries led to a revival. In 1912, a new smelter at Thompson went into operation about 80 miles north by rail, and during the World War I years over $2 million in silver, lead, and gold was produced and shipped through Luning. Magnesium ore from Gabbs was also trucked to Luning for shipment by rail during the 1940s and 50s. In 1989, however, rail service through Luning to the southern terminus in Mina ended and the tracks were removed.

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